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Spring is blooming!

Pre-k’s unit of study for the week of March 21 – 25 was “Spring and Growing.” During this week we discussed the changes that take place in spring including the weather. We also talked about life cycles, flowers, and birds. With all of these things in mind, the students agreed that they should open a flower shop in their classroom!

The students collaborated with each other and decided on what work groups were needed. The groups they chose were flowers, money, seed packets, sign, vases, and watering can. Afterwards, the students signed up for the group(s) they wanted to work with.

The next step was to decide on a name for the flower shop. After some suggestions and a very democratic vote by the students, the name of our shop became “Flower Time.” All week the students diligently cooperated with their group members to complete the tasks at hand. When each group was finished I helped the students individually to fill out a rubric to inform me of how well they thought they worked with their group members on the activity. They also assessed how their group members did.

On Thursday one group of students designed invitations for our grand opening and another group hand delivered them. The high profile guest list included Mrs. Croffut, Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Beachum, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Greene, and none other than the other pre-k class! By Friday we were ready for business!

The students rotated the operation of Flower Time in two groups of eight. There was a banker at the door to loan you some money to shop with, a greeter, flower, vase, and seed packet experts, a flower caregiver, and two cashiers! The students loved working together. It was evident that they were able to take what they learned about spring and growing and translate it into their flower shop.

The students have convinced me to leave “Flower Time” open for one more week. I love their love for learning! They are so excited about the flower shop, but they may change their minds and want to create another project once they find out what we will be learning next…


Written by: Alexis Davis, PreK Teacher
Posted: Mar 25, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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