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HB Spanish Spelling Bee

The Spanish spelling bee is a countywide competition. The purpose is to have fun, celebrate accomplishments, reinforce basic vocabulary, learn to spell aloud and reinforce the phonetic system in Spanish. First, students participate in a classroom competition, and the two students who can spell the most words correctly represent their class in the school competition. Then, with eight students from each grade participating, the winners of each grade compete for the chance to go to the county competition. Only two invitations are given each year. Finally, from each student who wins per grade (three total), the two who can spell the most words represent our school. This year’s Spelling Bee county competition will be held at Sardis Elementary on April 28th.

The 2011 classroom winners were...
From third grade
: Erin C. and Katty P. from Mrs. Varda’s class; Alexander P. and Caitlin P. from Mrs. Patrick’s class; Angel G. and Trajan H. from Mr. Hayden’s class; Addison K. and Piper M. from Mrs. Ketron’s class. The grade level winner was Addison K.
From fourth grade: Joshua F. and Jessica L. from Ms. Ayles’s class; Haley H. and Daniyela T. from Ms. Lacey’s class; Sean G. and Emily L. from Ms. Shrewsbury’s class; Kyrstan C. and Corwin S. From Mr. Thomas’s class. The grade level winner was Kyrstan C.
From fifth grade: Peter C. and Jazmin M. from Mrs. Williams’s class; Serina O. and Christian S. from Mr. Manley’s class; Jodie L. and Glorious M. from Ms. Watson’s class and Luke F. and Lilli F. from Mr Bair’s class. The grade level winner was Jazmin M.

Great job, grade level winners!

Written by: Luz Aquino, Spanish Teacher
Posted: Apr 01, 2011 by April Phillips

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