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Don't Miss Pinocchio!

Hello, Rea View Friends! This is coming to you from a few cast members that are performing in the play Pinocchio. You all will have an opportunity to see it in just a couple of weeks.

Students of Rea View will be able to watch the play Wednesday, April 13 or Thursday, April 14. We invite all of you to join us Friday evening, April 15 at 6:30 PM. Hope to see all of you there. Admission to our play is free!

The Pinocchio we are performing is similar to the movie and book except for some extra characters and a hilarious twist. Pinocchio is about a poor, old man, Gepetto, who wishes to make a puppet that could work without strings. With the help of a fairy and some new friends, Pinocchio will prove himself worthy of becoming a real boy.

Now friends, here is something new about our play. It is an audience participation play. Feel free to answer any questions we cast members ask you. We hope you will enjoy Pinocchio just as much as we enjoy performing it.

We would like to send out a special thanks to…Mrs. Machael, Mrs. Geiger, Mrs. McCaffrey, Mrs. Miller, Ms. Zywicki and Ms. Cookie. Thank you for helping us all the way.

Pinocchio by Brian Way with the collaboration of Warren Jenkins

Produced by special arrangement with Baker’s Plays, Boston, MA.

Written by: Carson Wolfarth, Pinocchio, Lauren Frazier, Puppet Manipulator, Sydney Williams, Columbine (a puppet)
Posted: Apr 04, 2011 by Diann Harvey

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