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Mr. Leichtamer's class is excited about citrus fruit juice

Mr. Leichtamer’s 4th grade class has been studying about Food and Nutrition. They have been learning about food and the many nutrients contained in the foods we eat. The students have done different investigations to discover which foods contain sugar and high amounts of fat. In their latest investigation the students were using baking soda and fruit juice as an indicator of the amounts of acid in citrus fruits.
The students were given four different kinds of citrus fruit—orange, lemon, lime, and grapefruit. They took turns squeezing the different fruits to get the 50ml of juice needed for the activity. While they were squeezing, other members of their group place some baking soda in a bottle with a stopper and brought a plastic syringe back to their table. They filled the syringe with the lemon juice first—50ml. Then they stuck the pointed end of the syringe into the stopper of the bottle. The pushed the syringe, sending the juice into the bottle with the baking soda, and then the fun began.
The reaction caused by the baking soda and the lemon juice caused the syringe to be blown of the top of the bottle. The students were very surprised and excited by this. They couldn’t wait to try the other juices.
After trying the other juices, the students discovered that the lemon and lime juices caused the biggest reactions. The orange and grapefruit juices did not seem to contain as much acid as the others.
Overall the students were very happy with the investigation, and cannot wait until they start their next area of study which will be magnets and electricity!!



Written by: Hans Leichtamer, 4th grade teacher
Posted: Apr 05, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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