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Guest Speaker for Fifth Grade Classes

The fifth grade classes had a special visitor last week to help introduce their next unit of study in science. Mr. Harold Paxton, who is the grandfather to one of our Weddington fifth graders, came to talk with the fifth grade about his career as an engineer. He is a retired engineer that helped design aircraft carriers for the United States government.

Mr. Paxton described the process of design and how important each step is when building a new invention. The fifth graders were very intrigued to hear about Mr. Paxton's success as an engineer and some even commented that they would be interested in this career in the future.

This presentation will help give some background knowledge to the students before beginning their Models/Design unit for science. Thank you to Mr. Paxton for taking his time to help build the minds of young scientists.


Written by: Meghan McCrocklin, Fifth Grade Teacher
Posted: Jan 27, 2010 by Colleen Salter

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