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Rocky River Students talk with the Governor

5th Grade students with Governor Bev Perdue.

The 5th graders at Rocky River Elementary recently took a field trip to the state capitol. While there, they were able to make first hand connections with what they have been learning in class. They visited the Science Museum, the History Museum, the Legislative building and the capitol building.

The Tour of the Capitol Building was a great experience. The students received a very interesting history lesson about the States Capitol Building. For a few lucky students, the guided tour was a once in a lifetime experience. Some of the groups that were touring met a very special person, Governor Bev Perdue. Governor Perdue stopped and talked with the groups for about five minutes and spoke about the importance of doing well in school and focusing really hard, especially in Math and Science. The students were very excited to meet someone who, up until then, they had only heard of or seen on TV.

While touring the science museum, the students had an opportunity to learn more about the science units they have been studying all year. The highlight for many at the science museum was a room where they could view many of the species they studied while learning about ecosystems. They could independently touch, examine, and observe preserved animals. Some students used the microscopes and observed their own hair under them. It was easy to see their fascination and enjoyment of the exhibit.

At the History Museum, the students got a chance to go back in time. They walked around the museum for around an hour and a half looking at all the exhibits. The two most popular were the Child Labor exhibit of the early 1900’s and the Civil War Exhibit. It’s one thing teaching the students the content in class, but it’s a whole other experience for them to actually be able to touch and see artifacts from the different time periods. It’s an experience you could never get from a textbook.

The guided tour of the legislative building gave the students a first hand look at how the government of North Carolina runs. The guide for the tour helped the students to understand the roles of the legislative branch of the government. The students were able to ask many great questions that helped to better understand our government.
Overall, the field trip was a success and the students we able to make those very important real life connections with the subjects they are studying in school.

Written by: Adam Haas, 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Apr 06, 2011 by Kristin Wiese

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