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Mace Shares Website Wisdom with MP Class

Top row: Andrew Strong, junior, Carter Murphy, senior, Mr. Don Mace, Nicollette Pfaff and Laura Jendretzki, both seniors. Bottom row:Jordan Bonilla, Jane Sosinski, Porsha Bartee, Matt Hagan, Kim Amzler, and Brendon Reid, all seniors.

How can everyone in the Union County Public School system be sure that their website will work? The answer is Mr. Don Mace. The UCPS Web Communications Editor came to visit the CHS Media Production Class on March 29, 2011, giving his insight in the way that the county schools websites are run.

Mr. Mace told the class about his history with computers and how he began to become interested in computers. From an early age, he told the class, “My friend and I would stay up for hours programming those text adventure games.” Excursions such as this led Mr. Mace to seek a career in the media and programming field. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with an degree in Education and later earned his Master’s from Western Carolina in instructional technology with the intention of helping teachers utilize technology in the classroom.

Mr. Mace is the editor for over 80 websites in the UCPS web system. His job is to make sure that the websites are constantly working, and to fix them if there are any faults. Programming code into all of these websites would become tedious and difficult, so they use a certain program so that the websites duplicate the basic code over every website. The class enjoyed learning from Mr. Mace. Jordan Bonilla, a senior in the class, remarked about the visit, “I thought it was very interesting and I enjoyed learning about all of the organization for the code on the websites.”

Written by: Andrew Strong, Junior, CHS Media Production class
Posted: Apr 08, 2011 by Ms. Paula White

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