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Antioch is Going Global

Mr. Hoover talks to Prince Khalid.

 Antioch's global focus this year has been on five countries:  Japan, Belize, Germany, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.  Our focus has been on the 7 Elements of Culture:  social organization, customs and traditions, language, arts and literature, religion, forms of government, and economic systems.

This past month in March, we studied Nigeria.  Mrs. Gwinn interviewed Amaka Ekwonu, a parent who grew up in Nigeria.  The classes watched the DVD in their classrooms.  Then, on April 1st, we started studying about Saudi Arabia in a BIG way!  We video-conferenced via Skype with a Saudi Arabian prince, Prince Khalid Al-Waleed bin Talal, the great-nephew of the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah King of Saudi Arabia.  The fifth graders came to the media center and a dozen or so students asked him questions.  The session was aired via the closed circuit system so all the classrooms could see the Skype session live on their television sets.  Kevin Vickers, from Sun Valley Elementary, was instrumental in getting us connected to a former nanny to the royal family of Saudi, Liz Benavides.  Thank you Kevin and Liz.  The prince was very gracious and the students had a wonderful learning experience.

As stated before, our school is focusing on learning about five countries this year and seeing our commonalities, as well as our differences.  When we studied Japan, we used culture kits with the classes from World View and from Adam Barrett.  Adam also taught our broadcast team common Japanese vocabulary to use on the broadcast.  A DVD was made for this instruction.  For Belize, we were honored to have Lorayn DeLuca visit the school and teach us about her experiences in Belize.   Kristee Bruch was instrumental in this adventure.  As with all the countries studied, we had a country display in the media center.  Lisa Hansen brought in many items from Germany to share with the students the month we studied Germany.   As mentioned above, we also have studied Nigeria and Saudi Arabia in new and exciting ways.  During each of these experiences, our broadcast team has highlighted facts about each country to complement the other exciting things going on.


Written by: Kathy Gwinn, media specialist
Posted: Apr 06, 2011 by Kathy Gwinn

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