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Cavaliers Celebrate Earth Day

Students in Mr. Whitlow's Horticulture classes helped plant shrubbery as part of the CHS Earth Day celebration. Back row: Ross Porter, junior; Brandon Fallick, sophomore; Davi Schilipake, junior; Mahlon Hearne, freshman. Front row: Kristin Everhart, sophomore; Trimarcus Wright, junior; Brandon Lofton, freshman; Carissa Church, sophomore; and Jessica Weber, sophomore.

Cavaliers love their Mother! Mother Earth, that is! Cavaliers participated in many activities throughout the week to promote environmental education. Earth Day is officially April 22 but since that is during spring break, CHS celebrated the week of April 11-15. Media Production students created a slideshow to run during lunch that explained the history of Earth Day and described lots of ways students can help make a difference in protecting the Earth. They also donated crape myrtle trees for the campus. Other classes planted seeds, initiated recycling in classrooms, and made posters to display around the building to promote earth-friendly practices.

CHS Clubs also got in on the action. The Key Club conducted a Clean Water Campaign to collect money for countries in need of clean water systems. Many clubs including Anime, Beta, HOSA, Spanish Club/Spanish Honor Society, Student Council, the Football team, and Key Club, collectively donated $1,000 to purchase trees, shrubs, and plants for our school grounds. Mr. Whitlow and his Horticulture classes helped plant them. Eleven shrubs were planted around our flagpole to commemorate our first graduating class of ’11.

During lunches, students were invited to participate in a simulation activity. In this ecological footprint simulation, students designed an avatar and entered a world. They were then asked questions about their use of certain resources. For example, they had to answer how frequently they ate meat in a day, how big their house was, how many miles they drove on average each week, and how much trash they generated. The simulator calculated how many Earths we would need if everyone in the world lived like each student lives. Many students needed 3 Earths, and most required 6-10 Earths if all humans lived like they did! It was a very eye-opening activity. ‘The students gained an awareness of how the lifestyle they take for granted and don’t think about uses so much of the Earth’s resources out of proportion to the population,’ reflected Mr. Schultz from the Science department, who ran the simulations.

Teachers also connected their daily lesson plans for the day to Earth Day awareness. CHS looks forward to making the Earth Day celebration an annual event. For more information on Earth Day, visit www.earthday.org.

Written by: Ms. Paula White
Posted: Apr 15, 2011 by Ms. Paula White

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