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"They're Just Bugs" was a success!

Awesome job first graders!

Our show was about bugs.  Hope you're not grossed out!  Because if you are, you'll be more grossed out soon because it was about spiders too!  Don't be afraid!

It had a good beginning.  We sang a song about all types of bugs.  Do you like bugs?  There were dancers on the stage.  The narrators were on the floor.  Then we sang another song about spiders.  Some of us were wearing spider hats!  Next we sang "Ladybug in My Soda".  It was kinda weird to hear that a ladybug was in the soda!  It was fun to make bee noises when we sang.  Do you like bees?  Our last song was about ants.

It was a good performance!  Have a nice night!  Hope you liked the show!  It was the best one ever!  The end.

Written by: Mrs. Hilkert's First Grade Class
Posted: Apr 23, 2011 by Jodi McConkey

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