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What is that big rainbow thing at the front of the school!?

Artwork at the front of the school.

Technically, the big rainbow thing is an abstract tower that is set in a school-wide collaborative installation garden. All of this ‘junk-art’ (made from recycled materials), was inspired by the artist Dale Chihuly and his blown glass installations. Dale Chihuly is an international contemporary artist that is still creating art to this day! He has two public installations in Charlotte, NC; one at the Bank of America, 2001 and one at the Mint Museum of Craft + Design, 1998. He also has public installations throughout the world including Australia, China, Switzerland, and the Bahamas. The students of Union Elementary created the various parts of the installation using recycled materials and other donated items: Kindergarten students created sunshine and stormy clouds; First grade students created coffee filter flowers; Second grade students created colorful flower vases; and the Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students created the rainbow spiral bottles for the tower.

All Fifth grade students, as well as, Mrs. Foster’s class, and Ms. Sarno’s class were all in charge of setting up the installation and as you can see, they did a fantastic job!

Ms. Woods would explain her vision of the day for each class and then students would be responsible for breaking themselves into groups to complete the varied tasks. I am very proud of how well they all worked together to interpret my directions down to the final detail.

I believe all the students have fun and work very hard every day to accomplish their personal best in art class. This installation, I hope, shows the collaborative effect behind the Union Elementary community’s practice of teaching each student to go above and beyond what is expected!


These two pictures were the inspiration for the student artwork in the front of the school.



Mr. Faulk's class poses with their hard work!


Written by: Megan Woods, Art Teacher
Posted: Apr 28, 2011 by Jennifer Williams

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